AEC Terrain 2009

AEC Terrain 2009 1.0

AEC Terrain 2009 creates Digital Terrain Model from multiple...

AEC Terrain 2009 creates Digital Terrain Model from multiple point files on AutoCAD graphic editor. All purpose multi-level pads can be generated on the terrain on different layers with different slope parameters for CUT and FILL.

Work with as ease as you are with AutoCAD. Now earth work calculations are just simple and few clicks away. Generates1. TIN Surface2. Contours3. Finished TIN surface4.

Automatic Foundation Excavation5. Footing Coordinates top/bottom surface6. Writes new surface point file7. Cross Sections8. Profiles9. Area calculations from Cross sections 10.

Volume between two surfaces11. Volume between surface and plane12. Volume of thickened surface 13. TIN surface areas for horticulture developments14.

Overlapped pads are automatically taken careUseful for Building level pads, Foundation excavations, drains, canals, earthen dams, embankments, bridge approaches, mining, road formations and so on?